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Monotonix brings warmth to the holiday season.

Monotonix brings warmth to the holiday season.

A little Christmas jeer
Considering how our society approaches the holiday season, it seems only fitting that I talk about Christmas before I even think about mentioning Thanksgiving. Damn. There I go saying Christmas again … I meant holidays. I am such a philistine.

Well, I got my first taste of X-mas before I even got to taste my mom’s famous mashed potatoes and gravy. The DCBA’s annual Christmas (their word, not mine!) Preview took over downtown Chico like a fog blanket made up of microscopic magical joy-and-good-cheer particles. The event took place exactly one month and one week before St. Nick will roll his plump little rump into town to give gifts that were made in China (hey, the elves can’t do everything) to all of the good little boys and girls.

One question: Does Santa really give lumps of coal to the bad kids? I remember being threatened with that numerous times as a child, but it never actually happened. Hmm.

Buy buy birdie
OK, before I come off sounding like a modern-day Scrooge (or is it too late?), let me say that Christmas Preview is a nice little event that brings the community together. Plus, I was able to see The Yule Logs for the first time this year, and I did enjoy the free coffee and cookies at Chico Paper Co., and I did run into enigmatic Blaze deejay Charlie Rixx—who, despite popular belief, is not the original drummer for Poison. But can we please just enjoy Thanksgiving before our noses are shoved in the steaming pile of dog doo that is this country’s consumer-driven Christmas?

I just read the article in the E-R about this year’s event, and gave thanks that the CN&R doesn’t have to write those types of stories. The DCBA’s assistant executive director, Becky Watner, had this to say: “This is a really soft, non-aggressive approach to get people thinking about the holidays. It’s more based on a feel-good approach than it is about shopping.”

Mmm hmm. Maybe next year, Christmas Preview should be held at the fairgrounds! Then we shall never be able to blur that thin line between “holidays” and “shopping” again!

Damn. I am a Scrooge.

A rock ‘n’ roll feast
So what the frick-and-frack is going on in this town during our time of thanks? I thought for sure there would be a punk band or two that wanted to stick it to The Man by performing on Thanksgiving Day. But, I guess even punk rockers need their Tofurkey, so I will refrain from saying Gruk has gone all Green Day on us.

But, there are a couple of shows happening after Thanksgiving for those stragglers looking for a little live music and cheap PBR.

Hair Gin & Tonic and Flying High Again are coming to Nick’s Night Club (formerly Off Limits) Friday, Nov. 23. I looked around trying to glean a little something on these bands, and I got nothin’. I will go out on a limb and say Hair Gin & Tonic plays Social D-influenced punk rock, and Flying High Again is a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne. Check it out and let me know.

However, I can tell you something about the show happening at Monstros Pizza on Saturday, Nov. 24. A little three-piece from Tel Aviv called Monotonix will be making its third visit to Chico. Those who have seen them already know what to expect: Beer will spill. Trash cans will topple. Volume will rise. Sweat will fly. Vocalist Ami Shalev, sporting a porn-star moustache, will scale walls. Guitarist Yonotan Gat will bring back the coolness of Page and Townsend. And drummer Ran Shimoni will move his stand-up kit around the room and not miss a beat.

Here’s what else to expect: Local rawk gawds Dirty Sister and post-punk duo The Americas will open.

And finally … T-Day
One more thing: I’ve decided to start a petition to have the traditional “Thanksgiving” changed to the more apropos “Thanksgorging.” Because, come on, more people will probably be cursing that dreaded food coma than actually giving thanks. Thanks.