Davis water project approved

Davis, Woodland to draw water from Sacramento River

A recently passed measure that will allow Davis to draw water from the Sacramento River has already prompted a lawsuit from opponents.

Measure I passed with 55 percent of the vote on March 5, officially approving the $245 million Surface Water Project that will allow the communities of Davis and neighboring Woodland to supplement their water supply by drawing from the Sacramento River, according to The Sacramento Bee.

But to pay for their share of the project—which will include a $110 million water-treatment plant in Woodland, a $13 million intake facility on the river, $60 million for water pipelines and $63.6 million for local facilities, land purchases and other costs—Davis residents are looking at a 42 percent increase in water rates in 2013-14.

Yolo Ratepayers for Affordable Public Utility Services has filed suit on the grounds that Davis is overcharging its residents and not paying for the municipality’s own water use.