Dave Gahan

Paper Monsters

After 22 years as the front man for Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan has finally released his first solo effort, Paper Monsters. No dance hits here. Instead, this album is full of dark musings and painful reflections on life, love and loss. In 1996, Gahan survived an overdose of coke and heroin, enduring a lot of negative media scrutiny. On the CD’s first single, “Dirty Sticky Floor,” he sings, “I hope no one can see me/ The tin man says I’m doing fine/ That lion ain’t gonna get me/ See that gun right there it’s mine.” He’s obviously scarred by his past—although I’m not sure why he has the gun—but he’s still alive and kicking. Don’t get me wrong: The songs aren’t bad, but they lack variety and are a bit too moody for radio. If you’re feeling down, however, this is a great album.