Data, A Love Story

Amy Webb wanted to be married with children, and playing the odds as a 30-something simply wasn’t producing any results. Each “match” she found via online dating sites such as and resulted in dates with men who seemed to be the exact opposite of the kind she was looking for. One man referred to her as his girlfriend 20 minutes into their first date. Another left her with an insanely large restaurant bill and proceeded to smoke a joint as they were leaving. After what seemed like a very pleasant date with a doctor ended in him getting a phone call from his wife, Webb decided to “game” the world of online dating by creating a specialized algorithm to suit her needs. In Data, A Love Story (available in paperback Dec. 31), Webb explains how she developed a point system of scoring profiles, and it worked in weeding out men who were obvious mismatches. She then researched popular female profiles in order to formulate a mathematical equation for her own “super profile.” From bleak to inspiring, Data is an engaging page-turner for anyone who enjoys a good story, and a ray of hope for singles having trouble finding love via the Internet.