Dapp Theory

Y’all Just Don’t Know

OK, fusionheads, check this out. There is never a dull moment on this new Dapp Theory CD. Led by Canadian pianist/sometime vocalist Andy Milne, Y’all Just Don’t Know is a wonderfully entertaining ride from beginning to end, full of brilliant musicianship, diverse creative ideas and, at times, clever political commentary. On “Trickle Down,” Milne sings of the “Boardroom pop star/Pinstripe prophet of peckerhead greed/ He said, ‘Trust me with the money.’” “Only Clave” opens with electric bassist Rich Brown’s brisk, funky ostinato bass line and moves into a wild array of keyboard and harmonica lines (from excellent harp player Gregoire Maret) and even some rap vocals from Kokayi. Fellow Canadian Bruce Cockburn plays guitar and sings on some tracks, as well as co-writes some tunes, including “Bad Air,” a song reminiscent of The Police but fused with Brazilian-style vocals a la Milton Nascimento. Milne can even play it straight, as in his beautiful treatment of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Con Alma.” Check out www.andymilne.com/dapp_site.