Cass McCombs

There’s nothing like a Neil Young album to warm up the winter. But a new Neil Young album is nowhere on the horizon, so Cass McCombs’ flawless imitation will have to do, and it actually does quite nicely, thank you very much. McComb’s voice quavers like an organ run through a revolving speaker, lifting over the shambling folk-inflected kitchen rock. In the first minute McCombs sings, “I want to be famous for falling in love,” and then spends the rest of the album proving the statement. Falling in love has its prices, though, and one of them is confusion. Songs like “Aids in Africa,” with its jumbled mishmash of the day’s headlines, philosophical meanderings and feelings about a girl, display this confusion perfectly. A is an album with the heart to warm your winter, or at least make the rain bearable.