Crossover Ministry

Richmond, Va., thrashers Iron Reagan do not care what your trending topics are. They have not paid attention to your feed. All they care about, as is loudly evident on their new LP Crossover Ministry, is decimating power riffs and crushing mosh-worthy breakdowns. It’s a candle lit for the sort of thrash metal/punk that Suicidal Tendencies and Anthrax popularized in the late-1980s. Vocalist Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste) sets his crosshairs on the apathetic masses in Trump’s America with dizzying humor (“Fuck the Neighbors”) and serious political diatribes (“Condition Evolution”), backdropped by a violent sonic onslaught of beautiful thrash. Particularly dynamic cuts like “More War” emerge as satirical declarations against power-hungry capitalists. Elsewhere, headbangers like “Bleed the Fifth” take aim at the cowardice in hiding behind legal hooey to save your hide. Featuring 18 songs performed in just about 30 minutes, Crossover Ministry is basically your perfect pre-protest psych-up soundtrack. Fight the power.