Ty Segall

Ty Segall has been the model of consistency since releasing his self-titled debut in 2008. Almost a decade and nine albums later (not to mention one as Ty Segall Band and others with Fuzz, Mikel Cronin and White Fence, as well as endless splits and 7-inches), he returns with another self-titled LP. While Segall deals heavily in hook-laden garage tunes, he continues to expand his powers into the textured and otherworldly glam rock of T. Rex and early Bowie. Opener “Break a Guitar” is a thunderous rager that brings to mind the proto-metal of Deep Purple and Captain Beyond. The 10-minute “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)” is a journey through all things ’70s rock, and “Papers” might be Segall’s most blatant Beatles nod to date. To simply call it garage rock would be unfair—his latest continues his masterful synthesizing of American and British rock, and turns it into another classic Ty Segall album.