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Conservationists in British Columbia plead for a ban on grizzly hunting

A group of scientists and conservationists who say British Columbia’s grizzly bears are in peril due to poaching, shriveling habitat and global warming are lobbying for an end to bear hunting.

In response, the contingent has written a letter to Premier Gordon Campbell outlining the challenges facing the animal and questioning the government’s estimate that 17,000 grizzlies live in the province. Wildlife expert Paul Paquet told the Canadian Press the true number of bears is unknown due to a high margin of error, and thus the effect of hunting the animals is also unknown.

Experts noted the vast decline of grizzly populations in Alberta and the United States, calling British Columbia the last refuge for the creatures.

Oddly, the government there is allowing the hunt despite considering the bear an at-risk species. In addition, the federal government considers grizzlies a species of special concern.