Competition for Logue

Former pro baseball player vies for Assembly seat

Redding City Councilman Rick Bosetti (pictured) announced his candidacy for state Assembly Tuesday (Dec. 6), pitting him against incumbent and fellow Republican Dan Logue. The 58-year-old Bosetti (pictured) was born in Redding, raised in Anderson and attended Shasta College, from which he was drafted in 1973 by the Philadelphia Phillies, leading to a six-year career in the majors. A press release describes him as “a successful businessman, family man, and community leader,” who “promises to end the ‘business as usual’ attitude in Sacramento and focus on job creation, cutting government spending, and returning local control.”

Apparently he is a man determined to keep his promises. According to the website, Bosetti “achieved a goal of urinating in the outfield of every major league park even though he spent most his career playing in only one league—the American.”