Coming Clean: Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil and Coal

Michael Brune

Michael Brune’s book is an empowering analysis of the steps every American can take to expedite the country’s transition to an energy policy that benefits our economy, our health and our national security. Among other issues, Brune examines the role that oil companies have played in discrediting the science behind global warming, sheds light on the true environmental and social impacts of biofuels and exposes the fallacy of “clean coal.” He also reminds us of how the cozy relationship between energy-industry elites and legislators continually delays our transition to a truly renewable-energy culture, and he poses specific questions for the reader to ask of their representatives. Brune tempers the realities of environmental degradation with practical solutions. He suggests patronizing banks that refuse to fund ecologically destructive ventures, educating yourself to see through clever oil-industry PR campaigns, and exploring resources such as the EPA Web site, where you can discover the fuels in your local “energy mix.”