Come together

Tips to help America reunite

In the wake of the midterm election and the president’s disaster visit to Butte County, it’s apparent that progressives and conservatives have never been more divided. A Pew Research Center study showed an average gap of 36 percent between Democrats and Republicans on political and values-related issues. That’s 21 points higher than in 1994, the first year the poll was conducted. Aspirational novelist Piero Rivolta (pictured), whose newest book is Bridge Through the Stars, urges Americans to reach out to each other and restore “the primary qualities that we all share as human beings—intuition, compassion, love, moral sentiment and a sense of fairness.” He suggests these tips:

Ask more of yourself to engage others.

Learn to listen.

Think back to understand your past and yourself through self reflection.

Embrace opportunities to evolve, and open yourself to all possibilities.

Expand your definitions of true love and respect.