Closer look at tuition

Chico State students are paying $734 in fees on top of regular tuition

Parents of students currently attending the California State University have been facing sticker shock when it comes to paying their kids’ tuition. That’s because they’re looking at writing a pretty fat check nowadays. Back in 1981-82, when many of those parents were themselves CSU students, full-time attendees paid $251 for a year. Today, CSU tuition costs $2,985 per semester. But factor in all of the campus fees, and the price tag jumps dramatically. Chico State, for example, charges eight fees that, when totaled, tack on additional $734. Check it out:

Tuition fee: $2,985

ID card fee: $2

A.S. activity fee: $63

Student union fee: $373

Health facilities fee: $3

Health services fee: $129

Instructionally related activity fee: $43

Instructionally related activity fee—Athletics: $90

Material services and facilities fee: $31

Total tuition and fees: $3,719.

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