Chico Visitor Guide

Fall/Winter 2003

Photo By Tom Angel

Chico. It’s a smell, a feeling, a … OK, Chico is not Monterey, and that smell wafting through the air does not emanate from the fishing boats or the canneries. If there is a smell, chances are it’s the pungent yet pleasurable aroma of hops brewing at the world-famous Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in southeast Chico.

This town has its own unique identity defined by the people, Bidwell Park, the university, the arts scene and a charming downtown. Many who come to visit or attend school end up making Chico their home, which is why for the first time, this Visitor Guide, brought to you by the News & Review, Chico’s award-winning weekly newspaper, includes information for those looking to settle here permanently.

While this community of 100,000 people may be cozy, there’s no lack of things to do in this classic American college town. Use this guide to find special events, everyday adventures and our favorite places to get away from it all.


Photo By Tom Angel

* These “Relocation Guide” sections are especially for readers new to town.

Fall and Winter Highlights
The air may have a chill but season full of events still bring a thrill. Here’s your itinerary for fun.

*Chico Facts - You oughta know
*Chico Facts - Politics

New to town? Don’t worry. This is a primer on your new home’s vital statistics, plus a guide to needs as varied as bus-riding to bill-paying.

Stansbury Home
The Stansbury family kept this turn-of-the-century Victorian in pristine condition for generations, at which point history-lovers took over and turned it into an impressive monument, with tours available.

You’ll hear again and again that downtown is the heart and soul of Chico, and it’s true. This is where the action is, from shopping to students to late-night adventure.

Photo By Tom Angel

Chico State University is what gives the town its vitality and drives much of the local economy. Plus, there are educational opportunities galore.

Parents of the K-12 set have many choices of where to send their kids to school. We offer an overview of the public system as well as several private schools.

Bidwell Park
The jewel of Chico, Bidwell Park is where locals bring out-of-town guests and where out-of-town guests ask to return. We’ll show you why.

You’ve gotta stay somewhere, and it won’t be our house. Check out an ample list of motels and bed-and-breakfast inns.

Chico is the perfect jumping-off point for day trips of all kinds. Whether you’re into hiking, picnicking, golfing or just exploring, this area has what you’re looking for.

Photo By Tom Angel

No need to travel to the “big city” for quality wares. Chico has a wide variety of shops, from mom-and-pop boutiques to trendy mall offerings.

Honey Run Covered Bridge
We can’t promise you’re going to meet the love of your life, as in the book about Madison County, but we do know this bridge is a perfect place to picnic or enjoy Butte Creek.

*Health and Wellness
If you’re ailing, or just want to keep in tip-top shape, Chico has a range of health and wellness options, from alternative healing to a skilled trauma center.

*Kid Friendly
From the animal-head fountains at Caper Acres to the Toyland-style trolleys, Chico has what it takes to make the little ones feel at home.

We love the nightlife and, yes, we also love to boogie. Whatever your style and interest, it’s likely showing at one of Chico’s venues.

Wine & Dine
Hungry? Good. Chico’s got food. Boy, does Chico have food. Our list is categorized for your convenience.