Random best-of lists, part I
Best reason for America’s wars in the Middle East—oil
Best summation of mainstream media journalistic integrity—”President Bush, he’s my president. When he says ‘get in line,’ I get in line.” Dan Rather (CBS)
Best reason not to accurately cover war—Public would no longer be sheep ignoring intelligent solutions.
Best reason to pity the American electoral system—”
Special interests” have meant our (illegitimately elected) leader is a joke.
Best way to find out about current atrocities of military tribunals—
Read about it 20 years from now.
Best way to silence college professors—
More part-timers, fewer tenure tracks
Best showdown of the early 21st century—
orthodoxy vs. progressivism
Best way to better future Americans—Have real education standards and teach facts
Best local loudmouth
—George Wright vs. Tim Bousquet
Best local scandal—The Yamaguchi redistricting debacle
Best community fight—
Otterson Drive
Best weekly print humor—
The Onion vs. The Orion (Police Blotter)
Best subscriptions—Guardian (London) vs. The Nation
Best cartoon—
This Modern World vs. Troubletown
Best album cover—
Scapegoat Wax’s Melody Records shot
Best 9-11 tribute song—
Neil Young’s “Imagine”
Best local soul show—Ray Charles
Best local hip-hop set—Pharcyde (Student Union)
Best local country show—
Hank Williams III (Crazy Horse) vs. Junior Brown (Sierra Nevada Brewery)
Best local jazz show—
Mingus Big Band (Laxson)
Best local blues show—
John Lee Hooker
Best local rock show
—Motorhead (the Brick)
Best local world music show
—Femi Kuti (Student Union)
Best television soap opera for adultsThe Sopranos
Best reason to have best of lists—A.D.D.

Notable albums of ‘01: Gillian Welch, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, Dirtbombs, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Handsome Family, Le Tigre, The Langley Schools Music Project, Kronos Quartet, Tindersticks, Dave Douglas, Merle Haggard, Jay-Z, Liliput/Kleenex reissues, Antibalas Orchestra, Sparklehorse, Daniel Johnston, Bob Dylan, David Candy, Terry Riley.

Overheard: “I will not die an ironic death."—Scott Ian, lead singer of Anthrax, on why he’s stocking up on Cipro.

Weekly props
1. Nuts by the fire
2. Welcome back C. Webb!
3. David Byrne in Chico?
4. Jack Black/The Strokes on SNL (1/19)