Chamber pranked

U.S. Chamber isn’t changing its mind

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has faced recent criticism for not backing climate legislation, was the victim of an elaborate press hoax in which a phony spokesperson claimed the organization was changing its position on the issue.

On Oct. 19, during a faux press conference at the National Press Club, it was announced that the chamber would promise to cease lobbying against the Kerry-Boxer bill, a piece of global-warming legislation.

According to the phony announcement, the chamber had shifted its position in response to the defection of several prominent members of the chamber—including PG&E, Apple and Exelon—who cited the chamber’s resistance to climate legislation as their main reason for withdrawing.

A representative of the real chamber exposed the hoax within minutes of the announcement.

Responsible for the prank are the Yes Men, an activist group focusing on revealing how corporate greed influences public policy.