Carrie Rodriguez

Live in Louisville

Live in Chico: Carrie Rodriguez plays the Sierra Nevada Big Room Sunday, May 17, 7:30 p.m.

Roughly a year before her critically acclaimed (including in these pages) album She Ain’t Me in 2008, singer/fiddler Carrie Rodriguez toured with Lucinda Williams and wound up at the W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre in Louisville, Ky. Her opening set was recorded, and she’s just released the gig as a live CD available through her Web site, Just one song from She Ain’t Me appears on Live in Louisville: the rockin’ “Mask of Moses.” The rest, apart from bluegrass instrumental “Blackberry Blossom,” come from 2006’s Seven Angels on a Bicycle. As captured on disc, the April 24, 2007, performance starts slowly but quickly builds steam. She and her three-man band bounce between the genres that’ve gotten her invitations to play Austin City Limits and the Sierra Nevada Big Room— including Texas blues (“I Don’t Want to Play House Anymore”), folk (“Before You Say Another Word”), bluegrass (“Never Gonna Be Your Bride”), country (“You Won’t Be Satisfied That Way”) and roots rock (“’50s French Movie”). The grand finale, “St. Peter’s,” alone is worth the price of admission. Check this out.