Can’t get no satisfaction?

Well, if you’re a member of the clergy or a firefighter, you’re probably better off than the rest of us. That’s according to a new University of Chicago study—the General Social Survey—that inquired about job satisfaction and general happiness. The study shows the lowest satisfaction rate in two decades. Here are some of the most satisfied people in our midst:

Clergy: 87 percent

Firefighters: 80 percent

Physical therapists: 78 percent

Authors: 74 percent

Special-education teachers: 70 percent

Teachers: 69 percent

Education administrators: 68 percent

Painters and sculptors: 67 percent

Psychologists: 67 percent

Security and financial services salespersons: 65 percent

And some of the least satisfied:

Laborers (except construction): 21 percent

Apparel and clothing salespersons: 24 percent

Handpackers and packagers: 24 percent

Food preparers: 24 percent

Roofers: 25 percent

Cashiers: 25 percent

Furniture and home-furnishing salespersons: 25 percent

Bartenders: 26 percent

Freight, stock and material handlers: 26 percent

Waiters and servers: 27 percent