Campaigning (really) early

Planning Commissioner Dave Kelley announces City Council candidacy

Longtime Chico Planning Commissioner Dave Kelley is getting a jumpstart on the next City Council race, announcing his candidacy more than a year in advance of the November 2012 election.

In a press release, Kelley (pictured), a local architect serving his seventh year on the commission, says he thinks the council is in need of a moderate, nonpartisan leader who will represent folks who don’t feel they have a voice in the community.

Kelley was one of 20 Chicoans who applied earlier this year to fill the council seat left vacant by former Councilman Larry Wahl, who is now a county supervisor. He was passed over in favor of Bob Evans, who came in 128 votes shy of earning a spot during the 2010 election cycle.

Evans’ seat, as well as those held by Councilmen Andy Holcombe and Jim Walker and Mayor Ann Schwab, will be up for grabs next year.