Beware of two-man scam

Woman taken for thousands in purchase of phony gold bar

Chico police are warning citizens to beware of a scam after a local woman fell victim to it to the tune of thousands of dollars.

According to a press release, the scam involved the purchase of a phony gold bar. Police say the victim was shopping at Walmart when she was approached by a Hispanic man claiming he needed money to help his ill son. Just then, an accomplice, another Hispanic man, walked up and offered to sell them a gold bar.

The victim reportedly drove the men to a local retailer to have the bar appraised, though she apparently did not witness the appraisal. Claiming the gold was worth $25,000, the second suspect said he would sell it for $10,000 in cash.

This tag-team effort paid off. The woman withdrew $4,500 for the worthless bar. Police say they’ve seen this scam before. Call the Chico Police Department at 895-4911 with any tips.