Butte’s ‘Bart’ wins gold

Butte County’s exhibit at the California State Fair, in Sacramento, has received a gold medal, reports Debra Lucero, who administers the county’s cultural tourism program.

The exhibit, designed by Sacramento booth builder Richard Bay in tandem with Lucero, features a puppet-like character named “Bartholomew Butte” (shown here) floating over the county in a colorful hot-air balloon waving his feather-lined cap. The theme of the booth is “Butte County: A Feather in Your Cap!”

In a press release, Lucero said the idea was spawned by the various sites named “Feather” (Feather Falls, Feather River, Feather River Canyon) as well as the “million feathered friends who visit the Pacific Flyway.” It’s worth noting also that the booth is sponsored by Feather Falls Casino.

The fair continues through Labor Day, Sept. 3.