Burgers on the move

Downtown eatery moving a block south and adding crepes

As a former daily news reporter who is married to a former daily sports reporter, there is one thing we have accumulated in abundance: old newspapers.

Sometimes, it’s great to sift through the stacks and remember the great stories, the ones that made me feel like I’d honed my craft. Stories where sentences flow beautifully and the words evoke emotion.

But there also are stories I look back on that make me cringe. Ones that have typos, where sentences are fragmented, or I just plain got things wrong. When writing hundreds of stories a year—a number on deadline at 10:30 p.m.—there are bound to be some that fall short in some way or another.

I got a bit sheepish last week, looking at one of those stories I wrote at the end of 2010. My first sentence said that change was coming “soon” at the old World Bank building at 301 Broadway.

Turns out, I miscalculated “soon” by about four years. Soon has finally arrived, though, and if you’ve been downtown lately, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful renovations to the Broadway building, which will be home to Crepeville, a new restaurant. It is family-owned by Derar Zawaydeh and Philippe Masoud, who also own Burgers and Brew just a few blocks down. They also own multiple locations of both restaurants in the Sacramento area.

I recently noticed the signs on the new building don’t just say Crepeville, however. Burgers and Brew is listed as well.

Nick Land, Burgers and Brew restaurant manager, said that is because his eatery is planning to move from its current location at 201 Broadway to the new building.

Land said Burgers and Brew will close at the end of this month, with plans to reopen in the new space in April. The menu will be a hybrid of both restaurants, with crepes and other breakfast items available in the morning and the current Burgers and Brew menu available in the afternoons and evenings.

The patio space at the new location will be larger, Land said, adding that the restaurant also will expand the number of beers they have on tap from 44 to 60.

No word thus far on what will happen at Second and Broadway.

On the subject of burgers, I’m hearing rumors that national chain Five Guys Burgers and Fries is opening at North Valley Plaza. Multiple calls to their media representative went unreturned, and Lucy Parks, who owns the plaza property, said she couldn’t confirm that popular eatery’s arrival. But, after the rumors panned out on Buffalo Wild Wings, I’m confident there’s something to this talk. I just won’t be placing any bets on how soon Five Guys will arrive.