Brown chooses Jane Dolan

Former Butte County supervisor appointed to flood-protection board

Gov. Jerry Brown last week (Dec. 30) appointed former Butte County Supervisor Jane Dolan to the Central Valley Flood Protection Board. Dolan, a supervisor from January 1979 to January 2011, has served as executive director of the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum since leaving the board. According to its website part of the board’s mission is “To control flooding along the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and their tributaries in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

The appointment requires confirmation from the Democratic-controlled state Senate. Dolan is a Democrat and her husband, Bob Mulholland, is a longtime state Democratic Party adviser. In an email message to supporters and friends Dolan wrote that while the job will require her to commute to Sacramento for meetings, “Bob & I remain as Chico residents, and I will continue in my job as Executive Director of the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum.”

Compensation for the position, which requires attendance at one meeting per month, is $40,669.