Racking up the charges

Police still seeking man wanted for burglary, evading arrest and now assault with a deadly weapon

A man wanted for burglary and evading arrest has added assault with a deadly weapon to that list. It all started Monday morning, when two men were seen in an east Chico neighborhood taking items from construction trailers. The men fled, leading police on a high-speed chase that ended at East 20th and Normal streets. The passenger, Matthew McGregor, was arrested, but the driver got away.

The Chico Police Department got a tip Tuesday that 44-year-old Freddie Varao (pictured), who they believed to be the driver of the vehicle, was at a residence off East Avenue. Officer Robert Glass approached the home on foot. Varao allegedly jumped in a car and sped toward Glass, who was able to jump out of the way.

Police located that vehicle on West 12th Street, but are still looking for Varao. Anyone with information should call 895-4911.