Panty raid
Police are fairly certain that a suspect they arrested last week is the one responsible for a rash of about 30 burglaries in the Westside and South Campus neighborhoods.

The burglaries, which had been occurring since about July, had women’s and community groups worried because the suspect often broke in when residents were sleeping and stole money, jewelry and, most disturbing, women’s panties.

“He would go in through unlocked doors, cut the screens of unlocked windows. He was pretty brazen,” Chico police Sgt. Dave Barrow said. “He was obviously willing to take risks, and when they start delving into thefts of women’s panties, you have to wonder, ‘What is this leading up to?'”

The suspect, Pedro Rios, 28, of Chico, was apprehended trying to leave an apartment complex on Nord Avenue after police were called out to investigate a report that Rios was peeping through a woman’s window. Upon arresting him, police said they found stolen property linked with other burglaries.

Rios, who was not himself wearing panties when arrested, is reportedly being “very cooperative” with investigators.

Hmong shooter suspect arrested
Chico police detectives arrested a 17-year-old gang member from Marysville whom they named as a suspect in the shooting of a Hmong teenager at a Chico cultural event.

The victim, still recovering from a single gunshot wound to the chest, was shot as he was leaving a dance being held at the Pleasant Valley Recreation Center on North Avenue. Police say they are still unsure of what might have motivated the Marysville teen, whom they allege shot 10 rounds at the victim and his friends before fleeing the scene.

Chico Police Sgt. Dave Barrow said the suspect is a documented gang member, but that the victim and his friends are not. The youth, Ten Yang, was detained by a school officer and later arrested at Lindhurst High School in Marysville on Oct. 17. He is being held in Butte County Juvenile Hall on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, with enhancements for gang activity. He likely will be tried as an adult.

Retired firefighter found dead at Inskip
John Dornan, a retired Paradise firefighter missing since Oct. 13, was found dead in his car Sunday by his son and another searcher. Dornan, 53, worked for the California Department of Forestry for more than 25 years and was well-liked in the department, according to friends and former co-workers. He retired in March 2002.

An avid fisherman and outdoorsman, Dornan was said to have been recently depressed, causing many to believe his death was a suicide. The Butte County coroner confirmed this Tuesday, saying Dornan had died from loss of blood due to “multiple sharp force wounds.”

Mike Carr, a colleague and friend of Dornan’s, had helped coordinate the weekend search effort, in which as many as 30 off-duty firefighters, relatives and friends split into teams of two and fanned out across the Ridge. Carr said the sad end to the search was at least an end to the mystery.

“It’s a difficult situation,” Carr said. “There was at least some relief in the fact that he had been located. It brings some closure.

"John was a very hard-working individual [who] brought a lot of happiness to everyone that worked with him. Our department will miss him very much."