Brewery spends to pass measure

Sierra Nevada ponies up $5,000 donation for Prop. 26

Chico’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has put its money where its interests are, contributing $5,000 to support Proposition 26 on the Nov. 2 ballot. The measure would make it harder to raise fees on the beer industry, among others, by requiring that fees be treated as taxes, which require a two-thirds vote for approval.

The fees are generally charged to recover the costs of dealing with business’ negative impacts, such as public intoxication in the case of alcoholic beverages.

The beer industry as a whole had donated $714,250, as of Sept. 27, to a joint campaign called “Stop Hidden Taxes” that also is opposed to Proposition 25, which would allow passage of the state budget by a majority, rather than two-thirds, vote.

Bill Manley, communications coordinator at Sierra Nevada, said the brewery had a policy of not commenting on its donations.