Judge orders property returned

The files and equipment were seized in the June raid on pot collectives

Things are looking bright for Robert Galia, who runs North Valley Holistic Health. More than three months ago, his medical-marijuana collective and his home were searched by Butte County sheriff’s deputies, who seized thousands of items they believed were related to the collective. The story of the raid and its aftermath was told in the CN&R’s Sept. 2 cover story (“Under siege,” by Meredith J. Cooper and Melissa Daugherty). Last Wednesday (Sept. 29), Galia headed to court, alongside Rick Tognoli, who heads Scripts Only Service.

Galia (pictured) told the CN&R that the judge ordered all his and Tognoli’s property returned to them, including papers, computers and other equipment. “He … ordered that, because the DA’s office has had ample time to evaluate seized property,” he wrote in an e-mail. The search warrant was also ordered to be unsealed, he said.

Tognoli, however, is still fighting to get money from his trucking business returned since his bank accounts were closed and the money seized. He said he is planning on suing the county for damages. He’s due back in court Dec. 8.