Breaking down your Christmas molds

Recycle your holiday Styrofoam

Now that your Hello Kitty boombox is out of its package and safely blasting the new Adam Lambert disc, it’s time you dealt with those blocks of Styrofoam that kept it snug during its transatlantic voyage. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) that makes up the packaging material is recyclable (it can be repurposed for insulation and other construction uses, among other things), but you can’t just dump it in the landfill. Thankfully, during the holidays (through Jan. 8) there are several designated bins available around Butte County for EPS recycling. Before you go, make sure it’s EPS (look for the No. 6 recycling symbol) and remove all tape and stickers. Items not accepted: packing peanuts, bubble wrap and food containers.

Chico EPS recycling bins:
Ginnos Appliance, 2505 Zanella Way
Recology of Butte/Colusa Counties, 3097 Southgate Ave.
North Valley Waste Management, 2569 Scott Ave.
Sierra Waste Solutions, 3030 Thorntree Ave.
City of Chico, 411 Main St.

Northern Recycling and Waste, 920 American Way
Neal Road Recycling and Waste, 1023 Neal Road

A-1 Appliance, 2586 Olive Highway
Recology of Butte/Colusa Counties, 2720 S. Fifth Ave.