BOP (for girls who rock!)

I read BOP religiously when I was a teenager. After comparing the magazines from my teenage years to the ones today, I noticed that instead of a medley of small photographs of stars such as Luke Perry and New Kids on the Block and Kirk Cameron decorating the covers, the magazines now have full-cover pictures of, for example, Jessica Simpson with a smaller picture of *NSYNC up in the corner. But those glossy pages inside remain the same as if frozen in time. They’re full of advertisements and cute little snapshots of different celebrities and fun facts about those celebrities and fashion tips and quizzes. There was an interview with boy band Soul Decision entitled “How smart is Soul Decision?” with probing questions such as “Nobody comes between Brooke Shields and her what?” The answer is Calvins. But the best part of the magazines are those great fold-out posters with gorgeous stars like Pearl Harbor‘s Josh Hartnett and hottie Paul Walker that you can rip out and hang up on your wall. Or inside your locker! I don’t have a locker anymore, but, yes, I tore out the posters and put them up on my bedroom wall. I tore so many out that after I took a look through the poster-less magazines I had to laugh at how depleted they were. I guess posters take up a lot of space.