Hot damn is the latest from The Delta Saints one groovy rock record! The Nashville five-piece is back with a soulful fury on Bones, which features a cavalcade of sexy stompers, howling blues and all the gritty rock you can handle. “Sometimes I Worry” is a swift kick in the pants, with a bluesy sensibility augmented by a dash of gospel. And the title track is led by a jangly percussive rhythm that, appropriately enough, sounds like someone playing on bones. The danceable, completely irresistible “Heavy Hammer” will have you cutting a rug in no time, as will the hip-shaking “Zydeco,” with its funky piano keys. Lead singer Ben Ringel carries the songs with his charisma, whether he's rasping out low notes or sending out a call to the heavens. By the time you get to the moody, off-kilter guitar licks on the filthy Americana-rock track “Dust,” you will be too tightly in the grip of this band's musical sway to break free, not that you'll want to. Bones is a sweaty good time.