Radio Recovery

For nearly a decade, the members of Seattle-based pop-punk band Success have been grinding through their day jobs in addition to spending endless hours on the road. And the hard work they've put into the DIY music scene is audible in their music. With the band's most recent release, Radio Recovery, the quintet's infectious thump is finally reaching and taking hold of 1990s-punk lovers outside the Pacific Northwest. Radio Recovery is fast, earnest and rife with a dissident view of working life. Tracks like “22nd St.,” “Nowhere Kids,” and “Head for the Hills” echo a theme of teenagers trapped in suburbia, but this time with the hope of escape. A punching kick drum drives “Head for the Hills” as frontman Rev Peters fervently sings “Just walk out your job/No matter what they say” over a chord progression reminiscent of ska-punks Less Than Jake. The entire 10-song collection—with the exception of one acoustic ballad, “The Impossible Truth”—is relentlessly energetic, and the fun is immediately sparked by the singalong opener “Believe In,” which could light a euphoric fire under even the worst of days.