Bloc Party

Bloc Party E.P.

Sneaking in unnoticed behind the celebrated likes of the new-wave dance rock of Franz Ferdinand and The Killers is England’s Bloc Party, which without question is the best of the latest group of bands influenced by Wire, The Fall and Gang of Four. The band’s reach and vision move far beyond its influences, revealing a brash, confident sound fueled by anxious guitar rock as much as dance beats. “Banquet” and “She’s Hearing Voices” excitedly display their winning marriage of styles. Like-minded bands may swing toward the dance floor, yet Bloc Party is too busy smashing guitars where others might prance, swearing all the while, “It takes blood and guts and it takes devotion,” on the “The Answer,” the EP’s high point, drunk with a disarming immediacy of sticky-sweet guitar lines crushed against rushed rhythms. This is an all-too-brief introduction to this exceptional band whose full-length Silent Alarm will be released stateside in March.