BFD (Beer For Drinking)

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Craft beer fans are kind of obsessed with “big beers”—those IPAs, stouts, etc., that push the alcohol to near-wine levels. But every night is not a party, unfortunately; not everyone has the tolerance to go “big” on a Tuesday. But giving up the big kick of those doubles, triples and imperials doesn’t mean giving up big flavor. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s BFD (Beer For Drinking) has a ton of flavor, but as its name implies, not a lot of alcohol. As it says on the can, this is a “hoppy blonde ale,” and the hops—a wonderfully balanced blend of floral and tropical flavors—are the star of this otherwise light-bodied and easy drinking session beer that comes in at a mere 4.5 percent ABV. Of course, it’s delicious straight from the can at the beach or in the backyard, but pour it into a glass after dinner and the intense hop smell and flavor will make you think you’re enjoying a fancy IPA for your nightcap. Only you’ll be able to get up on time for work the next morning.