There are a ton of apps out there that promise “money back on everyday purchases.” I’ve tried a few of them and some, naturally, are better than others. Most recently, I downloaded bevRAGE, which advertised cash back on alcoholic beverages. Why not, right? After creating an account to verify my age and location, I was given a choice of rebates in four simple categories—beer, wine, liquor and mixers. I recently got $2 back on a bottle of Avalon Cab, for instance. All I had to do was keep my itemized receipt and snap a picture of it when I got home. And sometimes there are generic offers, like $1 off a 12-pack of beer or any bottle of rum. While offers are limited, they apply at all stores and even restaurants and bars. Add to that immediate deposits to a PayPal account (you can alternatively choose paper checks, but that requires a $20 minimum) and this one’s a keeper.