Best of Chico 2005

Here it is.

Finally, your chance to unwrap the most highly anticipated (not to mention biggest) News & Review of the year: The “Best of” issue, 2005. As a society we like to measure things, rank them and then hand out the awards with a lot of fanfare.

As usual, we offer the readers’ choices for goods and services, food, entertainment, recreation and those things you just can’t classify. And, once again, we’ve concocted a listing of editors’ picks that identifies the quirky, the overlooked and the underrated.

For those who disagree with the winners selected, don’t blame us; blame your fellow readers. We’re only the messenger here.

Anyway, thanks to the readers for participating and paying homage to the best things about Chico. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Readers’ picks

Editors’ picks