Best of Chico 2004

Where only the best count

The counting, the anticipation, the ballot-stuffing and, oh, the endless counting.We at the News & Review look forward to the annual Best of Chico Readers’ Picks as much as you do. That’s because they’re as much of a surprise to our staff as they are to you. It’s your chance to weigh in on the latest and greatest Chico has to offer. If you think the chain warehouse store has great hot dogs, hey, it’s your call.

We even throw in a few new categories each year. Some prove popular (like Best rumor) while others are duds (Best low-carb meal). As always, thanks for participating.

Our editors’ egos again got the best of them, and so we’ve included our “Editors’ Picks"—random observations and praise in the “Best of” vein. We get to pick our own categories, so as you might expect some of them are pretty bizarre.

Please enjoy this issue, the News & Review’s thickest of the year, and explore the best of your fine town.

Readers’ Picks

Editors’ Picks