Best of Chico 2001

Winners of our annual readers’ vote—and our editors’ own (sometimes outrageous) picks

Who’s got the best burritos in town? What’s the best local band? Where’s the best place to rent a video? Which is the best radio station? These are some of the burning questions we’ve been asking our readers in recent weeks as part of our annual Best of Chico survey.

We don’t mean to sound facetious. They may not be exactly “burning” questions, but they do matter to people, as the response to our survey once again has shown. Hundreds of you took the time to let us know what you thought was best about Chico, and we appreciate it. We ourselves have spent many hours toting up the scores, both those that came in on paper and those registered online through our Web site at

So here it is: the Best of Chico in the year 2001. We’ll start by listing the winners of the readers’ vote and then give you our own picks in categories of our own choosing.

As always, going through all these nominations for “best of” in various categories has served to remind us most of all that Chico is the best place to live that we know of.

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