Beautiful Tired Bodies

For Rosebuds fans out there, seeing “Howard Ivans” might’ve prompted a double-take. The name you know from the North Carolina duo is Ivan Howard, but Howard Ivans is one in the same; a presence within Howard surfacing as this new solo venture. For his debut, Beautiful Tired Bodies, Ivans teamed with fellow southerner Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb Records in Richmond, Va., linking him up with co-producers Trey Pollard and Cameron Ralston and the larger scene of polished musicians from the area. Cleanly executed groovers somewhat reminiscent of the recent R&B-flavored solo work of RG Lowe (of Balmorhea). There’s a familiarity in songs like “Keep Breaking It Down” and “Jump In,” though with those tracks—and others on the record—things kind of blend into the background. Smooth lines of light funk lick over a splashy 1980s rock sound, with Ivans’ voice tucked in the mix, and the electric landscape passing quickly over a brief nine songs. It might not stick, but it’ll certainly soothe.