Bar/club scene in Chico severely lags

Nightlife hosts need to up their hospitality

Having grown up in Chico, I’ve seen a much better quality club/bar scene not too long ago. Today, no one wants to take any chances and play newer music or even the better old-school music. Whether that’s DJ-related or from bands, there is no real place for new music to thrive, possibly because owners/managers have no clue what they are doing and make little attempt to please the customers.

Let’s start with Panama’s. Some of the staff are snobby, and the patio area is so tiny that it’s not even worth hanging out at.

Lost On Main is probably the worst, with its less-than-spectacular atmosphere and even worse drink prices—not to mention when the audience has to suffer through a DJ set of the crappiest music ever known to mankind. Recently, they’ve made a better attempt; Slow Car Crash was an improvement. I’ll eat my words if I see some new DJs playing electro, and better band booking.

LaSalle’s has no excuse. They pretend to have some cool ’80s night but then they play the old geezers like Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Bon Jovi and other god-awful acts that even youth in the ’80s couldn’t stand.

It’s a rarity if you hear anything from Falco, Billy Idol, INXS, Duran Duran, Devo, Men Without Hats, Thomas Dolby, Information Society, Alphaville, New Order, Human League, Flock of Seagulls, B-Movie, ABC, Berlin, Gary Numan, Tears For Fears, etc.—and when you do hear something from them, it is usually their worst songs.

Plus, the door staff is a big turnoff from going in. They’re rude, and what the hell is it with frisking people when they walk in the door? Not only is that possibly an illegal search, but it’s completely uncalled for. If they’re worried about certain people coming in, then they should just end the music that brings that type of crowd into the back, the rap clique (which appears to be a small group/niche anyway).

The Banshee: Can you say boring? Nothing going on there. Nice, clean-looking place, but boring.

The Bear: How sad to see such a place run by clueless managers who hire the worst DJs who play even worse “music.” I remember when the Bear was a fun spot to go to with decent music. Now it’s an Oroville crowd.

Duffy’s and the Towne Lounge are what they are. I’m not going to rip on them—at least they try. But the rest should make huge improvements. Fact is, there aren’t any nice, quality places in town that are willing to bring Chicoans a good product: newer music, competent staff and professionalism. People need to demand more.