As for smoke-free shopping

Many Chico grocery stores incompliant with smoke-free entryway ordinance

A recent survey of local businesses found that many grocery stores are not in compliance with the city’s smoke-free entryways law.

In fall of 2012, the Chico City Council adopted an ordinance banning smoking within 20 feet of business entryways. The survey, conducted by the local youth-advocacy group KLEAN (Kids Leading Everyone Against Nicotine) and the California Health Collaborative’s Smoke-Free North State program, found that 29 percent of grocery stores had ashtrays within 20 feet of the main entrance, while less than 15 percent had visible “no smoking” signage, according to a California Health Collaborative press release.

While not required under the ordinance, posting “no smoking” signage, as well as removing ashtrays from within 20 feet of entryways, could “greatly increase” compliance with the law, the release noted.