Arts DEVOté

Right here in the center of it all
Obviously being the calendar dude at CN&R is an asset to Arts DEVOté. But staying on top of the times and dates is only part how he stays connected to Chico’s artfulness. As of late, A.D. has realized how important of a role this company he works for plays in fostering communication with the local art-makin’ folk. You got yer monthly Art First Saturdays art walk over here, some CAMMIES music celebratin’ over there and even some locally grown fiction and poetry given space on these pages every year. In the past few weeks alone, A.D. has been in contact with hundreds of local musicians in preparation for the third season of CAMMIES fun, and it’s insane how many new faves have been discovered along the way. Here are three:

Gusto: He’s a photographer, a painter and a rapper … well, kind of. His jams are something different, sound collages mixing movie and soundtrack samples, synths, warm beats and kind of a corny flow as he sings of things like waking up in the morning and being dead. Hear him at

Around Town Collective: It’s a collective, 10 or so strong, of mostly local acoustic-based, gloriously somber singer/songwriters, both solo and in combos, like Zach Zeller, Red Ribbon Brigade, Boy Elephant and You, Runner. They have recordings and a compilation CD and where the hell is this coming from!?! Awesome! Check it at .

The Soul’s Release: Local metal shredder Alex Rich has a secret, and it’s my new favorite band. It seems like he’s keeping it very separate from his metal buds, but this ambient project, built with patient layers of guitar, electronic textures and far-off feedback (even drums and piano and strings here and there), is where it’s at. Get lost in it:

Now on the walls
So, about that art walk thing. A little bird spit a juicy idea into A.D.'s ear the other day, an idea that dared dream of a kick-off celebration each month for the CN&R’s Art First Saturdays, something that would be a festive starting/focal point for the event. It’s a wonderful dream. If only there were some vacant section of a downtown office building that would be the perfect blank canvas … A.D. is dreaming now, dreaming of a group show in this magical new space. Enjoy a couple of the pieces:

Christine “Sea Monster” Fulton rules. She mailed A.D. this art. Not a postcard. An original piece of art! (Take note local artists—A.D. likes free art.) This piece also has part of a dialogue on the back. An excerpt: “I got home and my back door was open. The police came & everything.” “That’s so creepy.”

“Tree in Winter” by Cathy Eide—winner of the People’s Choice award at Avenue 9 Gallery‘s recent Chico Icons group show.

I like my puppets without clothes
So, if you’re planning on taking part in any demonstrations in March in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, you gotta get yourself a big, scary puppet for the occasion. Thankfully, the Chico Peace & Justice Center is teaming up with Naked Puppet Troupe of Olympia, Wash., Sat., Feb. 9, 9am-3pm, at Drive-by Gallery for a giant puppet-making workshop. See big puppets at

Oh yeah …
Welcome back to town, Chico State students. Making any art? Tell A.D. all about it: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>.