Dog of the week: Honey Dog

Dog of the week: Honey Dog

Now with more music …
What do you think of the new look? Just had a little “té” trimmed off the side in anticipation of ditching the biweekly rotation. Mark Lore took his Days of Lore with him to the Pacific Northwest (I still have something in my eye! Don’t look at me …), and so Art DEVOté now moves over into the big boy’s chair and trims down to the lean and clean Arts DEVO.

It feels good. No more superfluous “té” adding snobby affectation to an otherwise kick-ass DEVO homage. Really, the only difference in A.D.’s columnizing will be the inclusion of more of the sonic flavors in Chico’s arts sauce. There will still be updates, insights and gossip from local theater, visual arts and dance, but with his inner DEVO now unleashed, the so-called fine arts will have to make space here for their ever-noisy neighbor.

… and puppies
Is A.D. the only person over the age of 14 who is excited that Metro Station is coming to the Senator Theatre (Nov. 23)? Hannah Montana’s bro (and Billy Ray Cyrus’ son) Trace Cyrus is one of the emo synth-rockers’ front men, and, for now, he’s lookin’ a lot like an emo version of Guns N’ Roses’ Izzy Stradlin. A.D. realizes that these MySpace-born tools would have their tattoos removed and dress up like Mummenschanz if someone told them it would help record sales, but despite themselves they’ve crafted an awesomely catchy anthem in their hit “Shake It.”

What should a 39-year-old man wear to a junior-high concert to avoid looking like a pedophile? Skin-tight girl pants and a fitted V-neck T-shirt? That’s probably the best way to accent every moist crevasse and widening expanse of body hair.

Everybody loves a clown song

… and clown porn
Mark “the most popular man in Chico” Lore is a hard act to follow, so at least early on, it might take something like a naked clown calendar to grab the attention of his loyal readers. Those clowns over at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco have stripped down to their red noses and put this 2009 calendar together to raise funds for multiple sclerosis in the name one of the school’s founders, Judy Finelli, who suffers from the disease. What is there to say? It’s clowns. They’re naked. A.D. will sleep with the lights on this month.

… and the Old 97’s and KISS!
This Friday and Saturday, in Chico, there are no fewer than 30 bands playing at this rocking city’s main music venues (Nick’s, LaSalles, CRUX, Café Coda, Monstros and Lost On Main). That’s 11 shows in two nights. Check back next week to find out which ones rocked, and which ones tanked.

One more Lore

Weekly DEVOtions:
• Mer’s gig: CN&R Managing Editor and Big Celebrity candidate Meredith J. Cooper is guest bartending over at the End Zone (250 Cohasset Road) today (Oct. 2), 5-9 p.m., to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. A.D. will be there tossing back a couple for a good cause and you should join him.

• Ansel Adams lectures: Every Thursday in October, guest lectures in conjunction with the current Adams exhibit at the University Art Gallery. today (Oct. 2), 5 p.m.: “A Son’s Perspective,” by Michael Adams (in Trinity 100, followed by reception in the U.A.G.).

• Kayo Dot: Amazing Brooklyn classical/experimental/metal band at the CRUX, Tuesday (Oct. 7), 8:30 p.m.

Your new fave song:
The Cool Kids, “Delivery Man.” Free download at