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“Zombie Rabbit”

“Zombie Rabbit”

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It’s hard for me to not get sucked into looking for cheap, local art for sale online. I mean, when the Craigslisting reads: “Original Art Painting: Acrylic Gutless Egghead Man,” I can’t click fast enough (though, in this case, I needn’t have been in such a hurry).

“Rainbow Elephants”

Here are few choice pieces that caught my eye while trolling …


“Ceramic doll-making parts” ($10 per set): I guess you’re supposed to take the ceramic rabbit parts (cats and bears are also available) and attach them to a doll body, but I like the idea of just planting the limbs in my yard and creating a zombie-pet cemetery.

“I’m Full”


I want so many of these archival prints ($4 for 4x6; $8-or-less for 8x10; with discounts for buying in quantities of five or 10) by Paper Gangster. Buy this 8x10 “Rainbow Elephants” print on an old dictionary page at (and check out her other page links for other prints and trinkets).

And … I want “Liam the Woodland Fox” by Sleepy King (aka Savannah Carroll) right now! I’d also accept Liam as a “Sleepy Woodland Fox” or his friend “Stewart Sunshine the Woodland Fox.” Stuffed foxes range from $28-$38 at



After tracking Woodland Fox’s creator on Facebook, I came across the sweet work of Robbie Reaves, aka The Cat Soldier. His site ( only has a few of his cool pieces, but you can always stalk him on FB yourself for gems like the fat cat in “I’m Full.”


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