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Music in the cold, holiday air

John Klezmer sings “Holidays Are Here Again.”

John Klezmer sings “Holidays Are Here Again.”

Photo by Raphael Diaz

The Yule Logs, <i>Up All Night</i>

Holiday music We're all a bunch of singing fools in Chico! It's ridiculous how much holiday music is being created locally, and it's seriously gotten me in the spirit of gathering 'round tables and bar stools with friends and family and singing in the season.

Won’t you be my neighbor, Krampus?

The annual Glorious Sounds of the Season put on by Chico State's School of the Arts (Dec. 4-6) is always one of the best musical programs of the year. All of the Music Department's student and faculty players—from the wind and string ensembles to the Jazz X-press band and professor emeritus David Rothe playing the giant Centennial Organ—bring their powers to the eclectic show, which is presented in kaleidoscopic fashion, with performances popping up in all areas of Harlen Adams Theatre. This year, in addition to the holiday classics, there also will be a performance of an original song, “Holidays Are Here Again,” written and recorded by students in Chico State music instructor Roger Gisborne's songwriting class—including songwriter Corey Walles and songwriter/vocalist John Klezmer. The tune is a piano-guided slow jam, with a lush backing chorus, a jazzy little break and Klezmer singing of longing to get home to “you and ours” for the holidays. Check out the promo video at

Speaking of writing original songs for the holidays, no one—not in Chico or anywhere else—does it better than the guys in The Yule Logs, “the hardest working band in snow business.” One of Chico's favorites bands period, The Yule Logs have just released album No. 5, Up All Night, and it's another super-fun collection of rockin' pop gems. Pick up a copy at one of the band's shows (such as the one at Duffy's Tavern this Friday, Dec. 5, at 10 p.m.) or at, and get a load of the super fun video for the title track at

And if you are one of the many fun-seekers rolling down to Duffy's to see the Logs on Friday, you might find yourself entangled with a rag-tag strolling crew of noisemakers led by a horned mountain beast, wassailing its way downtown. That's right, Krampus is back, and in case you didn't notice, the fifth is Krampusnacht, aka the eve of the Feast of Saint Nicholas, aka when St. Nick and Krampus team up and make the rounds and respectively make good on parents' promises of consequences to being either naughty or nice. And this year, Arts DEVO is once again keeping the Krampus in Christmas. But don't worry, kids, you have nothing to fear. Krampus opens his furry arms to all—especially the naughty ones—and like the drunks in the midnight choir, he and his merry band (including St. Nick, of course!) invite you to join them on the sidewalk and sing a song or 10, flasks in the air, to this season of good cheer.