It’s hot: look at art

Nephew gets to better-know Babe the Blue Ox

Nephew gets to better-know Babe the Blue Ox

Art show! Most every week I start this column freaked out that I’ll never be able to write enough to make it to the 600-700 words I need to be finished, and most every week I end up having to cut a few hundred words just to squeeze it all into the paper. The only drawback to this weekly pattern—other than a constant tightness in my chest and a faint numbness in my left arm—is the fact that I always have to cut at least one cool image out to make way for my glorious wordplay. And every time this happens, CN&R design stud Mazi Noble suggests that I do a column with just pictures to make up for it.

Well, thanks to some recent late-afternoon, heat-wave geniusness—moving an upright piano by myself; clearing out the Black Widow Alley section of my uninsulated garage; using a steam-cleaner to extract several gallons of what appeared be swamp mud from my bedroom carpet—my heat-stroked brain is having more trouble than usual with the splibbbt … doo-ee … making of … mrrr … words. So, though I can’t even seem to do an art show without a 200-plus-word intro, this is definitely a good week to take Mazi’s advice. Enjoy the rejects:

Page from Luigi Serafini’s <i>Codex Seraphinianus</i>

“Real men collect Hieronymus Bosch dolls”


“Mr. T + Chuck Norris =”

“The one that almost got away”—found-art from Castro Street