An ode to two wheels

Our annual tribute to a simple and sweet means of transportation, recreation and competition

Who loves bikes? The CN&R loves bikes. We're sure our readers do, too, because people here understand that part of what makes Chico a great place to live and work is the ease with which you can power yourself across town with your own two legs. After all, depending on traffic between points A and B, bicycling actually can be faster—and, excepting rainy days, more enjoyable—than taking your car, and we need not mention the endless environmental, financial and health benefits that come with riding over driving.

That's why putting together our annual Bike Issue is always special—we pay tribute to a beautifully simple machine and a local bike community that includes every imaginable character on two wheels, from joy-riders on cruisers to spandex-clad pedal jockeys. The following stories profile just a few of those characters and their love affair with bikes, including a legally blind mountain bike racer who's helping introduce cycling to disabled individuals, two friends who've ridden crazy distances on fixed-gear bicycles, and a group of female mountain bikers who share a love for the traditionally male-dominated sport. Also, look for the Bike Issue logo elsewhere throughout this issue for other stories fitting the theme.

Read (and ride) on, Chico.