An effort worth backing

Chicoans should help preserve the Gothic revival cottage on Fifth Street

Would Chico residents support an effort to preserve a historically significant object? We hope that’s the case when it comes to the more than century-old house on West Fifth Street that two locals are attempting to save.

The cottage in the student neighborhood near Ivy Street may not look like much today. In fact, it is quite run-down. However, the home is Chico’s only remaining example of Gothic revival architecture, which makes it special.

It’s rare that we would advocate for the public support of a private endeavor, but there are exceptions to the rule (think back to when downtown’s Bookstore was in danger of permanently closing). This is one of those cases.

City Councilwoman Tami Ritter encouraged developers and brothers Josh and Scott Hubbard to establish a crowdfunding page to help pay for the $22,000 in city fees required to move the house. It’s a great idea. Knowing Chico, people will back the effort.