All-ages alternatives

Nightlife at Café Coda

Nightlife at Café Coda

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Not old enough to get into the bars but like to go out and have a good time? Well, we wouldn’t want to leave you hanging, now would we?

Music lovers

There are a few venues that are open to all-ages crowds. Some of the most noteworthy are Monstros Pizza and Café Coda. They both serve alcohol but (obviously) not to minors. And they attract good crowds. Another option is the Airport Café. It’s only drawback is that it’s all the way out by the airport. But it’s got a huge outdoor area, a full bar for those of age, and it attracts some fun, different events.

To put the bar scene behind you but still get out and hear good, live music, check out the Concerts in the Park. They hold them on Friday and Saturday evenings in City Plaza. The Senator Theatre, which attracts national acts, is also all-ages, though its lineup is sporadic.

Healthy competitors

Go bowling! It’s a classic, but we’ll mention it anyway. If throwing around big, heavy balls ain’t your thing, you can try hitting smaller ones with a stick at Funland. It’s open late on weekends and offers mini-golf as well as batting cages. There’s the CalSkate roller rink there, too, but call for hours.

Airport Café, 999 Marauder St., 894-0337

Café Coda, 265 Humboldt Ave., 566-9476

CalSkate/Funland, 2465 Carmichael Drive, 343-1601

Monstros Pizza, 628 West Sacramento Ave., 342-1111

Senator Theater, 517 Main St., 891-1809