A-team versus blood clots

Ampla Health launches anticoagulation-medication team

Yuba City-based Ampla Health—which operates health-care centers in Chico, Oroville, Hamilton City and Gridley—is now offering a service to help patients manage their anticoagulation medication.

Ampla’s Anticoagulation Clinic—staffed with a chief medical officer, nurse practitioners and specially trained nurses—assists patients and their physicians in monitoring and adjusting the medication doses of anticoagulants, which are prescribed to reduce the risk of blood clotting in patients who have suffered strokes or heart attacks, according to an Ampla Health press release. Managing dosage is critical because too much anticoagulation medication can increase bleeding.

The clinic’s team also educates patients on diet, medicines and other variables that can interact with anticoagulation medication. Contact Ampla Health Yuba City Medical (1000 Sutter St., Yuba City) at 673-9420 or go to www.amplahealth.org for more information.