A Taste of Tradition

Recipe collection

The name of this collection of recipes from Butte County residents, past and present, says it all. A Taste of Tradition is the quintessential Americana cookbook, similar to Grange cookbooks, focusing on sharing time-honored home-cooking recipes and household hints. The book was assembled as a fundraiser by members of Forest Ranch community action group the Broom Education and Eradication Program, whose mission, as it’s described at the beginning of the book, is “to eradicate all species of the broom plant … an invasive plant that crowds out native plants.” (BEEP volunteers get together on a weekly basis to pull the pesky plant, in part because of the fire hazard it poses.) Contributors run the gamut from familiar local names such as longtime local restaurateur/caterer David Guzzetti, Phil LaRocca (of Forest Ranch’s LaRocca Vineyards), Chico mayor Ann Schwab and former first lady of Chico Annie Bidwell to simply “Betty of Forest Ranch.” If you want to learn how to make something as down-home as a pot roast or banana-nut bread from scratch, or as unusual as Don Hankins’ acorn soup, while helping a worthy cause, this is your go-to book. Call 892-8726 for info on where to pick up a copy ($15 donation).